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mh creek

          Nestled away in the heart of the Southern Appalachians lies the forgotten cove of Moody Hollow. The beautiful combination of towering Hemlock, wild Rhododendron, and High Shoals Trout stream creates the perfect ambiance for this simple rustic escape. Circa 1950 style cabins are scattered throughout the Hollow giving a unique flavor to this authentic community lost in time. Whether it is a weekend of quiet relaxation or exciting outdoor adventure, Moody Hollow may be exactly what your heart has been seeking. With the Appalachian Trail in walking distance and High Shoals Waterfall in our own backyard there is certainly opportunity to reconnect with nature. For those looking for a plasma T.V. and Whirlpool Jacuzzi, Moody Hollow is not the place for you.  Our rustic flavor is certainly not for everyone, but for those who get it, Moody Hollow will steal your heart.




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Moody Hollow

  Nestled away in the heart of the Southern Appalachians lies the forgotten cove of Moody Hollow. Lined with wild Rhododendron, High Shoals Trout Stream meanders alongside a dirt road, cooling the air, and creating an ambient soundscape bringing Moody Hollow to life. Circa 1950 style cabins are scattered throughout the Hollow creating this unique and authentic community. Only 2 hours north of Atlanta, … Continue reading Moody Hollow

Final Days

Aug 3 /// Day 85 /// 34 Miles A morning spent hiking through the clouds, soaking wet as we brushed against all the wet bushes. It’s annoying knowing that all the beautiful vistas are hidden by the cloud but it just made it that much better when we finally got a cloudbreak and got to … Continue reading Final Days

Week 12

July 27 /// Day 78 /// 29 MilesHiked into white pass where we resupplied today, met many more southbounders there. Saw a herd of mountain goats this morning and a huge elk in the evening. More beautiful scenery. Mosquitos were pretty bad this evening. Tomorrow we will meet up with Uncle Joe at Dewey Lake.delicious … Continue reading Week 12

Week 11

July 20 /// Day 71 /// 45 Mile Today was the hardest I’ve pushed in a while. Hit a wall about 40 Miles in and really struggled for the last couple hours, ready for that breakfast, some say it’s the best meal on the PCT. July 21 /// Day 72 /// 28 Miles That breakfast … Continue reading Week 11

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