What is Moody Hollow?


More Than a Vacation…

Moody Hollow is an experience. Moody Hollow is living life authentically. As you pull onto the gravel road and drive into this magical Hollow your worries turn to wonder and you begin to forget what you left behind. As you step out of your car and breathe in the fresh mountain air, your senses become engulfed by the sights, sounds, and feels of  nature. As you settle in to our unique, rustic cabin you will let out an, “Ahhh,” a sigh of relief, as you can finally relax. Time slows down and you realize that your to-do list is empty. Stress no longer exists as you taste the freedom of simple mountain living. What to do when there are no rules to follow, no meeting to make, no studies, chores, or work to be done?

Without the distraction of a screen, you do what you like. Whether it is a leisurely hike to the waterfalls or rocking in a rocking chair, enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the open-aired porch.  Should you feel a call for adventure go out and explore the local area. Take a drive to the historic Historic town of Clayton, GA and get a feel for the quaint community. Hike to the Highest Mountain in Georgia, Brasstown Bald, (only a few miles from Moody Hollow and an easy hike). Get creative and fill your day with whatever your heart desires. As the sun begins to set, light a fire in the stone-laid fireplace or go outside with some ‘mallows and roast S’mores around a campfire. Read your favorite book as you sink into the cozy mattress and begin to dream of the adventures of tomorrow.

Live simply. Be authentic. Connect with nature, connect with your loved ones, and connect with your self. Explore, Adventure, and relax. Come to Moody Hollow where you can create your own experience, write your own story, and truly enjoy the passage of time.





One thought on “What is Moody Hollow?

  1. Great blog, Will! Chris and I are enjoying your updates and imagining the experience. You’re a great writer and making me want to do something like this too! Wishing you lots of trail magic! Love, Susannah


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